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2-In-1 Light Stand, Aluminum Alloy 9.7ft Heavy Duty Tripod Stand 3.8ft Boom

7 Reviews / 5.0
£19 per day

Item description

【2-In-1 Stand & Boom】 This 2-in-1 light stand with a convertible boom arm offers flexibility and versatility for photography device mounting. Use the screw knobs to effortlessly adjust the height, secure the stand and convert the center column into a transverse boom arm. A mid-level spreader attached to the tripod legs maximizes the stability
【Adjustable Light Stand & Extendable Boom Arm】 With a telescopic center column, this light stand can extend from 3.6’ to 9.7’ (110.5 to 297cm) and fold down to 3.2’ (96.5cm) for ease of storage and transportation. The front section of the boom arm is stretchable from 0.8’ to 3.8’ (26 to 115 cm) and rotatable at 180° for optimal angles
【Durable Metal Build】 The black anodized aluminum alloy construction is robust and corrosion-resistant for use in outdoor environments. A sandbag can work as a counterweight to balance the boom arm when mounting a heavy light fixture (sandbag arrives empty)
【Built-In Spring Cushion】 Spring cushions inside the center column can effectively offset the impact caused by sudden drops and protect your device from harm
【Dual Mounting Threads】 The reversible spigot features two mounting threads (1/4” and 3/8”) that are compatible with a wide array of photographic equipment, including ring lights, LED video lights, strobes, monolights, softboxes, reflectors, and umbrellas



7 Reviews / 5.0

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