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Red Komodo 6K + DZOFILM Vespid Prime Lens + Portkeys BM5 MKIII

£225 per day

Item description

RED Komodo Cinema kit includes:

Camera brain
Tilta cage with Vlock plate
1x RED Pro 512GB Cfast 2.0 card
1x RED CFast 2.0 Card Reader
2x Pocket Vlock batteries
1x Dual Vlock charger
1x Ptap to power cable 6'
1x KOMODO 45w AC Power Adapter
1x RF-EF mechanical Adapter

1x Dzofilm Octopus PL- RF mount adapter

1X PortKeys BM5 MKIII WR Monitor - 5.5in
1x D-tap Power Cable
1x Antenna
1x Charger and Cable
4x NPF Batteries
1x SDI


1x DZOFILM Vespid Prime 25mm T2.1 (FF/PL)
1x DZOFILM Vespid Prime 35mm T2.1 (FF/PL)
1x DZOFILM Vespid Prime 50mm T2.1 (FF/PL)
1x DZOFILM Vespid Prime 75mm T2.1 (FF/PL)
1x DZOFILM Vespid Prime 100mm T2.1 (FF/PL)
1x DZOFILM Vespid Prime 125mm T2.1 (FF/PL)
1x DZOFILM Vespid Prime Macro 90mm T2.8 (FF/PL)

Please message us to arrange pick up and drop-off time BEFORE you make the booking.

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