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Petri CC Auto 55mm F1.8 (Fits Fuji GFX & X Seriese) (Alt for GF and XF Lenses) (M42 Mount)

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£15 per day

Item description

Please message me for availability before sending request.
If you can let me know preferred pick up and return times I can answer you quickly.

Petri CC Auto 55mm F1.8 is an old lens (M42) mount.
This lens has amazing optics and can be used with GFX's medium format sensor without getting vignetting.

At F1.8 it's pleasantly soft, perfect for portraits, and when stopped down to 2.8 or 4 the image becomes very sharp.

Comes with GF (for GFX) or X (for X-T5, X-H2 etc) mount adapter of your choice.


Pick up & Return locations.
- Thomas Road, E14 (7:00-23:00)
- Liverpool Street (Weekdays 10:00-17:00 - Subject to availability.)

Delivery can be arranged. Please ask for quote with your post code.

⏰ Each rental is 24 hours, but I am flexible/reasonable as long as arranged In advance. Please feel free to ask.



2 Reviews / 5.0

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