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Fuji GFX 100S + 2 Lens + Profoto B10x2 Kit

33 Reviews / 5.0
£165 per day

Item description

Kit includes
GFX 100S Camera
GF 110mm F2 Lens
GF 45mm F2.8 Lens
Profoto B10 x2
Promote Octa Soft Box 2'

Details below.

Fuji GFX 100S
- Camera itself (GFX 100S)
- Body Cap
- Hotshoe Cover
- SD Card (64GB) x1
- Peak Design Strap Anchors x2
- Peak Design Camera Strap
- Battery x2 (Fujifilm NP-W235)
- Dual Battery Charger (Fujifilm BC-W235)
- Fujifilm USB C Charger (for Battery Charger)
- USB C-to-C Cable (for Battery Charger. Not for tethering.)

Fuji GF 110mm F2 Lens
- Lens itself
- Front and Rear Lens Cap
- Protection Filter

Fuji GF 45mm F2.8 Lens
- Lens itself
- Front and Rear Lens Cap
- Protection Filter

Profoto B10 Kit
- Profoto B10 x2
- Light Stand x2
- Profoto AirRemote (Works with almost all cameras old & new via Hotshoe or PC Sync) (Or Profoto Connect for Fuji available upon request)
- PC Sync Cable for Profoto AirRemote x1
- Profoto B10 Battery x3
- Battery Charger + UK Plug x2
- Profoto B10 Protective Cover for Head x2
- Profoto B10 Stand Adapter (attached to the head) x2
- Backpack style carry case x1



33 Reviews / 5.0

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