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Atomos Sumo (Large) 19" Monitor Recorder/Switcher

15 Reviews / 5.0
£85 per day

Item description

This kit includes:

1x Atomos Sumo 19 SE 4K Monitor & Recorder
1x NSP Cases Atomos Sumo 19 Live In Monitor Flight Case
1x Manfrotto F301 - 16mm Spigot Receiver
2x Andoer Rolux RL-IS2 V-mount plate
1x Master Caddy II
1x 1TB SSD
1x AC Power Supply
2x XLR - D-Tap
2x Feet
1x Lowboy Roller Stand

Extras that you might want to add:
- V-lock power kit (2x 190wh batteries + dual charger) - £20

Please message us to arrange pick up and drop-off time BEFORE you make the booking.

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15 Reviews / 5.0

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