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Flanders Scientific LM-2461W 24" Director/DP Monitor

£50 per day

Item description

Screen Size 24"
Resolution 1920x1200
Aspect Ratio 16:10
Panel Bit Depth (Colour) 10 Bit-FRC (1.073 Billion)
Processing 12 Bit
Contrast Ratio 1100:1
Max Colour Gamut 102%NTSC
Backlight Wide Gamut CCFL
Max Luminance 350 Nit
Viewing Angle (typ) 178
The panel of the 2461 has a wide enough gamut to support a variety of standardized color spaces. These include:
Wide Gamut — The uncalibrated, native gamut of the panel used in the 2461.
SMPTE C — The gamut of the phosphors used by broadcast CRT’s (such as the Sony BVM series).
Rec 709 — The published gamut standard for HD video
EBU — Another gamut defined by CRT phosphors that was standardized by the EBU. It’s similar, but not identical to, the SMPTE C phosphor gamut.
DCI P3 — The gamut defined by the Digital Cinema Specification, for digital distribution and projection in theaters. Flanders says the 2461 supports 97 percent of the overall P3 gamut, being shy primarily in the most saturated greens. This is similar to the HP Dreamcolor’s stated 97 percent support of the gamut, and is pretty good. However, I suspect most users of this monitor will be most interested in the Rec 709 setting.


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