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Sony A7S III + ZV-E1 Cameras + 2x Aputure Amaran 60D + 2x Tripods + 2x Lenses

13 Reviews / 5.2
£199 per day

Item description

1x Sony A7S III Full Frame 4K Digital Camera
3x batteries, 1x dual charger
1x 128GB v90 SDXC Card
1x cage, 1x top handle

1x Sony ZV-E1 Digital Camera + Cage
3x batteries, 1x dual charger
1x 128GB v90 SDXC Card

2x Aputure Amaran COB 60D RGB LED lights
1x Smallrig Parabolic Softbox 85cm
1x Smallrig Parabolic Softbox 55cm
2x Light stands

1x SmallRig AD-01 Heavy-Duty 8Kg Tripod + Fluid 75mm Ball Head
1x Peak Design Carbon Fiber Tripod + Manfrotto BeFree Fluid Head

1x Deity V-Mic D3 Shotgun Mic

2x lenses from:
Samyang AF 18mm f2.8
Samyang AF 24mm f1.8
Samyang V-AF 35mm T1.9
Samyang AF 45mm f1.8



13 Reviews / 5.2
  • really great lender! hassle free will be using them again!

    24 days ago.
  • Good - all kit there and good communication. Pick up location changed but managed to get it sorted.

    1 month ago.
  • Communication ain't the best but good rental experience overall. Thank you.

    1 month ago.
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