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Sony a7siii mirrorless Camera / 24-70 lens + dji mic lav Kit

£65 per day

Item description

Special deal the Sony a7siii camera capable if Full frame 4k 120 FPS together with the wireless Dji mic System including 2 lav mics and reciever.

Operation times: 9am-10pm
Delivery is always avaliable! Please enquire for rates if interested

Located 3 min away from Kings Cross Station

We´re a London based commercial and equipment rental company since 2019

Weekend hires are available as well!

Get 7 Days for the price of 5
Get a Month for the price of 2 weeks

⭐️Included in this rental ⭐️
1x Sony a7 siii Camera
3x batteries
1x 128GB V90 sd Card
1x DJI Reciever
2x DJI Transmitter
2x Lavelier mics
1x Camera Cage
1x charging case
2x wind shields
1x Audio cable
2x Carrying case

Add 2x nanlite 500 bi color key lights (like aputure 600x) for 50£/d
Add 3x strong RGB LED Lights with stands and diffusion for 35£/d

Add a small rig lightweight heavy duty tripod for 15£/d
Add image transmission wireless for 20£/d

If you are hiring for more days or renting with other items we can offer a deal up to 20%

If this is your first time renting on fat llama we can get you 20£ off when renting with us just let us know!

We also offer:
Sony and Blackmagic cameras
Wireless mics
Image Transmitters
Follow focus
Sliders (motorized as well)
Mobile power generators
Anamorphic lenses
Tripods and stands
smoke machines
filters (vnd, mist, uv)

Please kindly note:
We always provide chargers with the equipment but only supply the needed cable if it is proprietary, any other charger that uses normal usb c and usb2.0 does NOT come with the cable included.
We try our best to ensure the items are charged when picked up but are unable to guarantee this due to partially very short times between rentals. If you have an important project please book and pickup equipment the day before your shoot or ensure you have a few hours to charge the batteries if nessessary.
Some items in the kit are labelled as “optional” in the kit and will only be included if explicitly requested so please make sure to let us know you would like those included at no extra cost.


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