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Camera slider 100cm motorised Neewer automatic App control

£28 per day

Item description

This Carbon fibre Slider offers a high quality construction and delivers super smooth slides and enables great content for professionals.
It features a strong motors that can smoothly handle 11kg leveled and up to 5kg at a 45 degree angle.
It can be app controlled and be setup for stop motion, Timelapse and repeat motion!
Also able to be set to turn the camera from side to side and angle.

⚡️Add-ons ⚡️
Tripod , add stability and height to your shots with the small rig heavy duty tripod for
15/day extra

Monopod, when fully extended and with a moderate setup the slider will shift even the strongest tripod, get a monopod to ensure a strong base on both extremes for
10/day extra

Battery! Power this slider with 2x Sony 970 batteries that will last you up to 18h for
10/day more

If you are hiring for more than 3 days or renting with other items we can offer a deal up to 20%

If this is your first time renting on fat llama we can get you 20£ off when renting with us just let us know!

Included in this kit:

- Neewer 100cm motorized slider
- 1x Sony 550 battery
- Camera ball head mount
- Cables and camera shutter and record connectors
- Carrying bag
What you see on the picture is exactly what you get with us! :)

Operation times: 9am-10pm

Delivery is always avaliable!

Located 3 min away from Kings Cross Station

We are a London based Commercial, lighting and equipment rental company since 2008

Weekend hires are available as well!

Same day rentals are available for an extra charge of 10£


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