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PL Full Frame Blackmagic Camera 6K FULL CAGE +2TB +Batteries

£70 per day

Item description

A brand new FF (Full Frame) Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K with a NiSi Pl mount.

Blackmagic Cinema Camera 6K features a massive full frame sensor with a native resolution of 6048 x 4032. That's almost three times larger than a Super 35 sensor and allows you to shoot with a shallow depth of field or to use anamorphic lenses uncropped for a true cinematic look

Camera has both modes - Super35 and Full-frame.

Kit includes:

PL-L NiSi Adapter;
Full Tilta cage;
Top Handle;
Sidle Handle;
Base Plate;
1TB SAMSUNG T7 Drive (If you need extra Drive, I have 8tb more available) + holder;
7x NPF batteries;
Hard case.


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