Houselight Studio

Store location:Weymouth Building, 2 Deacon Street, London, SE17 1GB
Handover hours: Please confirm a time with us before you come, we are not always in the office

‼️Please Read‼️

Please always contact us before a rental to check availability, the acceptance rating is crucial for us.

By submitting a rental request you are agreeing to all of the following

The description in the items may be obsolete. Please always refer to the information here

We operate on a 24-hour rental basis, if you book for one day, the rental starts on the time you have arranged to meet up with us. And ends in 24 hours after the arranged time.

In the case where we might be out and thus unable to arrange a drop off before the 24 hour ends, we won't be charging extra.


Student discounts:
To redeem please send us a picture of a valid student ID (Not expired) to our instagram account: @houselight_studio or

The current student discount is 20 percent off.

‼️The student discount is only applicable if:

  1. The rental fee exceeds £100

Please do not book the item directly and contact us, we will send a offer with a discounted price.

We are also offering bulk discounts if your rental meets the following requirements
-Has 3 or more listings
-More than three days of rental
-Rental exceeds £100

Opening hours: We are currently operating on a flexible opening hour. Please contact us to confirm your return / pick up time and we will be there for you.

Refund Policy: We have encountered numerous renters looking for refunds due to various reasons, hence we are confirming our stance here.

We will not refund for the following reasons:
1. Early returns
2. Item found to be incompatible with what you have while not being faulty itself (You need to do your own research! Or just contact us for help)
3. Item claimed to be faulty but working in our pre-rental and post-rental video evidence (We test them extensively, and video them)

We will refund for:
1. The item is found to be faulty, and is proven to be so in our pre and post rental videos.

We are currently not operating a delivery service, but in some cases we may be out and if you are nearby where we are going we could drop off the item.

Please contact us for these.

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