Peter B. Maraczi

Contact at +447516262510 or

Do you have a last-minute microphone request or live streaming issues? I'm here to provide your solution.

I am based in CROYDON .
My address is a 10 minutes walk from EAST CROYDON STATION or 4 minutes walk from SANDILANDS tram stop.
By car, you will find parking spots in front of 10 Elgin Road. (CR0 6XA)

ID will be required for first-time borrowers.
I will ONLY hand over items to the account holder.
I will NOT send items by courier.
Handovers will be recorded on CCTV.
1 day rental means 24 hours or less!

Gears will be cleaned and tested before and after rental.

My equipment is available from 9.30 am - 9 pm by default.
Please enquire times that suit us both. I will then make up a custom booking that will cover the evening before yet only charge the desired rental dates.


I ensure that all items are quality assured and working perfectly before and after each hire.

On handover, occasionally there may be a queue, please practice social distancing and do not leave litter.

If there are any specific questions regarding my items please don't hesitate to ask.
However please refrain from asking generic questions that can be sourced elsewhere.
I deal with dozens of enquiries and between 10-20 handovers each day.
Help me make the process as streamlined as possible. Also please consider disruption on arrival and not ring the bell after 8 pm, notify me by text and I will be there!

1.) Before making a booking double-check that my items are available and exactly what you’re looking for. I list my items carefully and thoroughly. Don’t assume I’ll throw something in that isn’t listed.

2.) Please check that the items are all present and accurate to the description on collection. Mistakes happen I can easily forget sometimes when working with large volumes of handovers I.e memory cards, batteries left on charge (I’m only human!).

3.) Please make sure that you research or have experience in using the items before hiring out. I deal with dozens of calls a day asking how to use the kit. You are more likely to find a better answer on youtube or a quick google search. However, contact me if there are any issues. I don’t release anything unless I’m 100% sure it’s in good working order!

4.) All items are personal collection and drop off only. (unless delivery is fully agreed/arranged/paid) I work 7 days a week. Most evenings I am in to manage handovers. I am not obliged to commute for handovers.

5.) Please ensure good timekeeping and double-check all components before return. Take a clear picture of the kit before you use it and use this as a reference for ensuring all is present when you’re finished. Then send me The images for confirmation.

6.) If an item is not returned on its scheduled date you will need to pay for an extra day. If you do not, you will be faced with a penalty.

7.) Lenders NEVER reveal their address until a booking has been confirmed. Outside a booking, both lender and borrower are not protected under cinekit Guarantee. This is why I won't accept cash payment. If a hire isn't booked via cinekit it isn't protected by cinekit. Verifications and bookings can take a while to come through, please be patient.

8.) If you decide to cancel an item this is your obligation to do so. I will not lose valuable points because of you. Simply speak to the team who can do it for you. Bear in mind if you cancel a booking within 48 hours they may keep some % as a late cancellation fee. I am also not obliged to pay you that. I do however propose a credit note in place of cancellation for a future hire.

9.) Aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated. I will not hand over items until the booking is secure no matter how late you are for the shoot!

10.) Some devices may be marked and/or tracked electronically.

All photos are either of my actual item or stock images of the exact item listed.

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