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1x Aputure MC
1x Sekonic L758D Light Meter
1 Sigma 50-100mm f1.8 w/ Follow Focus Ring
4 98WH V Lock
1 FXLION Mini V mount Charger
1 Aputure 300d II COB
1 Aputure 300d II Carry Case
1 300d II Ballast
1 300d II 5-Pin XLR Cable
1 Aputure 300d II Lamp
1 Aputure Ballast Clamp
1 Cardelini Clamp Starison 2"
2 Cardelini Clamp Proaim 2"
1 Cardelini Clamp Starison 26.5cm
1 85cm Softbox w/ Grid
1 Selens 85CM Internal Diffuser
1 Selens 85CM External Diffuser
1 Selens 85CM Softbox Grid
1 Selens 85CM Softbox
1 Selens 85CM Bag
1 Aputure Fresnel 2x
1 Zoom H1n
1 Aputure Spotlight 26 degrees
1 Hollyland Mars 400s Pro Transmitter Set
1 Hollyland Mars 400s Pro Transmitter
1 Hollyland Mars 400s Pro Receiver
1 Peli 1300 (Hollyland)
1 Smallrig 2797 cold shoe adapter
2 HDMI to HDMI (Coiled)
4 F770 NPF
1 NPF USB Dual Charger
1 Hollyland Mars M1
1 Eurolite NH-10 Hazer Haze Machine
4 C Stand
1 Manfrotto 420B Combi Boom
8 C Stand Knuckle
4 C Stand Arm
4 Sandbag
1 Haze Machine Carry Bag
1 Eurolite NH10 Fluid Tank
1 Aputure 2x Fresnel Case
1 Manfrotto Skylite Rapid 1.1m x 2m
1 Manfrotto Skylite Rapid 1.1m x 2m Black / White
1 Manfrotto Skylite Rapid 1.1m x2m Frame

1 Vaxi Circular 95mm Black Mist Filter 1/8
1 Tilta Mirage 95mm filter holder
1 Tilta Mirage 95mm holder adapter
1 Tilta Mirage Ring set (67, 72, 77, 82)

1 Manfrotto Skylite Rapid 2m x 2m
1 Manfrotto Skylite Rapid 2m x 2m White / Silver
1 Manfrotto Skylite Rapid 2m x 2m 1.25 Diff
1 Manfrotto Skylite Rapid 2m x 2m frame

4 Manfrotto skylite Knuckles

1 Hollyland Solidcom C1 6 Set
1 C1 Master Headset
5 C1 Remote Headset
1 DC adapter
1 8-slot charging case
8 HL-BAT700 C1 Battery
1 C1 Case



6 Reviews / 5.0

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