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Custom Order: Harend Friend Grad FIlm

6 Reviews / 5.0
£100.80 per day

Item description

Bowens Mount Accessories
1 Aputure Lantern
1 Aputure Lantern Soft Case
1 Aputure Lantern Diffusor
1 Lantern Skirt
1 Aputure Lantern Skeleton
1 Aputure 600d Pro
1 Neutrik powerCON AC Power Cable (6M)
1 LS 600 Series 5-Pin Weatherproof Head Cable (3m)
1 Aputure 600 Series Reflector
1 Aputure 600d Pro Carry Case
1 Aputure 600D Lamp
1 Aputure 600d Pro Ballast
1 Litegear Litemat 2
1 Litemat Softbox 1 Litemat 2 Lamp
1 Litemat 2 Polyskirt
1 Litemat 2 1/4 Diffusion
1 Litemat 2 1/2 Diffusion
1 Litemat 2 1 Diffusion
1 Litemat 2 Grid
1 Litemat 2 Kino Style 16mm Center Adapter
1 Litemat 2 Control Box 1 Litemat
2 Light to Control Box Extension Cable 1 Litemat 2 AC/DC Adapter 1 Litemat 2 D Tap to DC Power Cable
1 CHAUVET DJ Hurricane Haze 1DX
1 10x10 Blackout Fabric 1 Matthews 48x48 Blackout Floppy
1 12x12 Diffusion
1 Avenger / Kupo D600 Mini Boom Arm
6 C Stand
6 C Stand Arm
12 C Stand Knuckle 6 Sandbag



6 Reviews / 5.0

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